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Guided by this humanistic philosophy, Rudy Byfield is both the pioneer and driving force behind CellDration. His deep and burning desire to foster an eco-system for health and wellness, and an economic causeway for lifting people out of poverty, combined with his ardent entrepreneurial spirit, lays a robust foundation for sustainably revolutionized hydration. Rudy’s unwavering belief in values instilled during his formative years has greatly influenced his work ethic.

Having studied at universities in South America, Europe and the Caribbean, his diverse background in music performance, business administration, teaching, and 10 years’ experience as a retail executive, provides a dynamic business acumen and a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Performance Group Incorporated/CellDration, Rudy’s signature technique is characterized by his values of honesty and hard work, with personal maxims of balance, integrity, prosperity and generosity. These ideals actively translate into a nonpartisan global outlook and an impassioned sense of service and corporate social responsibility. Fueled by his dedication to do more, Rudy’s vision is iconic in ensuring optimal hydration both at home and on a global scale.

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